What is 3DGuru.Online all about?

3DGuru.Online is a portal for people that want to up their maker game

3D Guru is designed to expose makers to content that helps them turn the projects they dream about into reality.  We author original blogs, articles and videos as well as link to the best content online from 3D design and printing trendsetters.  3D Guru is collaborative.  Anyone can submit content and either get it published here or get linked back to their own pages.

What will I find on 3D Gugu?

3D Design - We will teach you how to use powerful tools to design you own 3D objects

3D Printing - How to build, modify, maintain and tune 3D printers so you can make your designs

The Makerspace - All about completing projects and developing skills to fire up your creative side

Who is the 3D Guru?

My name is Adrian Martinez.  I am a maker and always has been. I was that kid that always took stuff apart to see how it worked (and it would still work after I put it back together...usually).  As I grew up and gained knowledge and confidence I learned that  I was really good at figuring out complicated things.  In my day job, I am a global quality and continuous improvement professional.  I lead teams in analyzing business processes and using Lean Six Sigma tools to optimize, error proof and control them.  This makes the companies I serve more efficient, profitable and improves the day to day working lives of the associates that execute these processes.

BORING!  Yeah, yeah...I know.  What's this mean to you?  Well, with 3D Guru our contributors and I do the hard stuff.  We figure things out and then use our experience create content to make things easy to understand so you can unleash your creativity and make amazing things.