Tech2C's Hypercube Video Series

In december of 2016 an Australian youtuber that calls himself Tech2C started a video series (20 segments to date) to document his new printer build.  He had previously posted some videos sharing mods to his Anet i3 printer.  These mods certainly improved his printer but he realized that i3 style printers had some inherent limitations.  In his Hypercube series Tech2C shares requirements for his new printer then sets about building it, discovering problems and developing solutions.  It's a very interesting series and is certainly worth watching start to finish.

If you want to build one Tech2C posted all the STL files on along with his Marlin firmware configuration.h file and a very complete bill of materials including links to vendors where you can buy everything to build it.

HyperCube 3D Printer/CNC by Tech2C

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